Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holy Canoli Batman I Need To Get My Clarinet Fixed ASAP

So this week is a busy week of rehearsals for the Fielder Road Baptist Church choir and orchestra concert. I had rehearsal last night, and again tonight and tomorrow night. Then on Thursday I am going to get my hair all done nicely for the concert (plus it needs to be done again anyway) and buy me some black panty hose to go with my concert black. Of course always fun is the last minute clarinet repair that has to be done today so I can have it tonight for practice. Yep that's right I discovered (actually the veteran clarinet players discovered for me) that i need me a new pad or two henceforth why I was having issues playing middle C and B. It won't play. And do you know how many songs we are playing that have those two notes in them? Apparently a lot lol So today I get to go beg the music place to fix it today. It helps that the owner's kid is in the class of one of my sorority sisters who happens to sit next to me in the orchestra. Nothing like a last minute repair less than a week before the concert lol

I also got called yesterday about a job I applied for. I called today and left a message so today it is a wait for a while before possibly calling one more time. I really hope they select me for an interview. Road trip time!! I am going to have to trust God for His provisions. Not easy at times, but He knows the next place He has for me (and I really don't think it is even in the state where I currently live). Fine by me :) I am declaring 2011 to be the year of the job in the place that is in my heart to be :) And who knows - 2011 may be the year that the wonderful godly Christian man who loves the Lord, music and cats and other assorted animals that God has picked out for my life gets to start hanging out with me as friends :) That would be awesome!! Because I know he will be cute and fun to hang out with :)

Finally, in other news I think that I am going to do another walk like what I did on Thanksgiving. Arlington has a winter run thing. I of course do not do the running thing (hello asthma and lungs on the ground - no thank you!!). They have a two mile one, but also have a 10K. I may do the 10K (that's 6.4 miles - what's an extra 3.3 miles - I can do a 5K so I can do a 10K). I did start "training" yesterday by taking myself for a 3.36 mile walk. My legs felt like jelly afterward and my left foot was bothering me (that's from something else), but I did it. I will lay off the walking today (just a tad chilly today lol). I will let ya know and of course post pics. Either way I am doing the winter run. And I think I am going to talk a friend of mine into training for a 10K and then a half marathon and then a marathon. If he can run and not have an asthma attack then he should go for it! I know he can do it!!

Okay today's video is another Anthony Evans one. It is Do You Hear What I Hear? It is one of my two favorite Christmas songs!!

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Anke Wiesinger said...

Hey Kathy, that music place didn't happen to be Williamson's, did it? You know, I worked there for almost a year, including as store manager?! If you did get your clarinet fixed there, was Greg still the repair man? Tell him I said HI, and all the other guys, who still know me (Cody, Candy...)!
Have a great concert, a wonder-filled Advent season, and a successful interview at last!