Sunday, November 28, 2010

The One with the Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving, and Anthony Evans

Hey guess what! I am posting in November. My apologies for being bad about updates. You would think that because I am unemployed that I would post more often, but nope. I need to correct this. I want my blog to be an encouragement to others on their great adventure of faith.

So let me see, Thanksgiving was on Thursday and I did something I have never done before - I did a Turkey Trot. It was the inaugural Turkey Trot for Arlington (I say good for them!! Dallas and Fort Worth have them every year and it's about time we started doing one - especially since we have the Cowboys and the Texas Rangers and had the World Series and are hosting the Super Bowl!!). I decided to do the untimed 5K so I could walk it. I had lots of fun! I saw a few people from the church - some wearing the pink Fielder Road Baptist Church shirts advertising our Christmas Eve services. I was one of them :) Which is why I could not go to Thanksgiving at my friend Melissa's parents house. I paid my $19 (it was really $18.99, but they did not have change lol) and said I'd wear the pink shirt so I was doing it no matter what. It was freezing!! I could have put on the long sleeved Turkey Trot shirt that they gave us, but I took one look at the port-a-potty's and said no way. So I took off my black sweatshirt jacket and tied it around my waist and off I went with the masses. I was last place!! I probably could have gotten in sooner, but I stopped to take pics of the scenes on my walk, talked to people with dogs, it was cold, and the bottom of my left foot was bothering me. I think I am going to do another one on Saturday December 4th and wear the pink shirt again. I am going to start doing these more often. I would love to do the Komen 3 Day one, but you have to raise like $2500. Although if all of my facebook friends donated $2 then I could have it raised. I will post a pic of myself from the 5K :)

Since I could not make Thanksgiving at Melissa's parents house at 11 am (the trot was at 9 am and it took me an hour and eight minutes and a few seconds - I did not think they wanted an unshowered guest lol). So I went to another place - the house of the mom/mother-in-law of Jeremy and Elizabeth (they were my small group leaders before they up and moved to Pleasanton). It was fun and the company was great! Then it was back to Grand Prairie where I was dog/cat/house sitting. Had to feed the dog and cats and check on the dog.

On Friday my dog/cat/house sitting duties ended early as I got a call on the way over there to feed the dog and cats - they were on their way home (thank you Jesus that they were in Sherman - I had to speed straighten up - it looked like a bachelorette pad lol) My fur babies were glad to have me back home and Sugar and Ella super glued themselves to me all night long :) I love my kitties :)

Today Anthony Evans was at my church again. I LOVE him (not like that - love his music and his heart for the Lord). He remembered me!! I got his Christmas cd and he autographed it and then I had another picture taken with him. You know I actually look happier in that picture (and the Turkey Trot ones) than in previous pictures. I don't know why, but it is true.

Okay without further ado, here are two pictures and then I shall as usual do another video. I know it is still November, but I like his Christmas album so you get a video with one of the songs off of it :)

Me crossing the finish line!! Dead last!!

Me and Anthony today after church!!

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