Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am going to do something that my sister suggested I should do and my friend Sharon also agreed that I should do. My sister Beth (hi Beth if you drop by!!) told me that every time God meets a need that is impossible for me to meet, I should journal this (what better way to do this than on my blog!) and that I can look back at each impossible situation to see how He provided for me and that it will help me to learn to trust Him more. So that is what I am going to do. And I already have something I can write about :)

The temp job that I was working at the cookie company and that I got through one of the staffing agencies I am registered with ended on December 21st. I thought that I was going to have one more day, but the staffing agency called when i was off of work for the day and said I was not needed the next day (not sure if the supervisor at the cookie company was picking and choosing who she wanted back for the last day or not - but that is besides the point). So I have not been working any substantial amount of hours since then (all I have is the very part time merchandising job that is 6 hours a week and not nearly enough to live on). I am applying for jobs, but I have not found anything. I am praying because I don't want to live in my car as that just makes it so much harder to find work (plus it has been really cold and I do not do cold - hello native Californian here!!). Back in the fall my pledge brother/friend/fellow percussionist Brandon said that if he and Jen (my sorority sister/friend) could ever help me to let him know because all that he had belonged to the Lord. At the time I was working a temp job in La Vergne which is 23 miles away from me. I was grateful for the work, but at times it was a challenge with the gas (I was making $8 an hour and driving all that way). I didn't really need help at the time. But eventually I messaged him on facebook (I think it was in December sometime - prior to the temp job ending) and he finally got back to me and told me the best w3ay to reach him was email. I then got around to emailing him once the temp job had ended to let him know my situation. Today I got an email (he actually sent it last night) telling me that he and Jen had put a letter in the mail for me with a gift to help out with rent and necessities. He also said that they had a laptop they were not going to be needing anymore and would be happy to send it to me at the end of this month.

I was speechless when I read the email because God has met my first need of the new year in a big way. I had no way of paying rent on Friday and now God has made a way when I did not even know how or if it was going to happen. You see I have been praying for help and praying that I will find work again and praying for God's provisions. Last time a temp assignment ended, it only took me one day to find a new job. There were two weeks between jobs, but I knew I was going to have a job to go to. This time I have not found anything and it has been two weeks since the temp job ended. At times all I can do is say help when I pray. I have so many things I need help with and I am trying to work because I know that money won't just drop from heaven (although at times it would be nice). But still I need to work - it is good for me (although the in between jobs has been nice - I was hating getting up at 5:20 am to get to work by 7 am. Ugh).

So I have a roof over my head for another week (I am taking it a week at a time and a day at a time). For that I am grateful! I know I still have many more needs that I can't meet right now. I don't know what is going to happen.But I will keep praying every time I can't meet a need. I want to be stronger in my faith. I do. I mean I got fired for sharing my faith back in 2003. I titled my blog The Great Faith Adventure. And I want to live out for all my days - nothing is impossible with God (which reminds me - I need to enter the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway again today!)

I was also reminded of something else when I talked to my friend AuraLee today. This whole job thing is outside of my control. It is not in my timing when I get a job - it is in God's timing. And you know what? I believe that it will happen this year. I really do. Nothing is impossible with God!!

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