Wednesday, December 18, 2013

He is the Reason for the Season

I do not know why I feel like I need to defend myself on facebook when people start telling me what to do and jump all over me for stuff, but I do.I guess it is because I feel like they have no respect for me and that they feel like I am dumb. I am not. I asked for people to please be praying that I will indeed be getting a first check from the new job I just started next week. I had asked when signing my contract and was told they thought so but were not sure and would need to ask. I believe in the power of prayer and believe like it says in Philippians 4:19 that God will richly supply all my needs.This is a need. I need a check so I can pay bills that are due before I would receive a check in January. What happens? I get people telling me that I need to pray for wisdom and that faith is illogical and to use my brain. My answer is no! MY God wants me to trust Him and to depend on Him for every single aspect of my life. Whatever the need to go before Him and cry out to Him. I sure am glad that God does not think I am a clanging cymbal and that He does not tire of me. I wonder what these people would have said to me back before I was facebook friends with them (these are people that I knew in college and high school mind you). What would they have said when I was in my car accident and left with nothing but a sprained back and no car and no money to get another car? Or when the duplex was getting foreclosed on (or even when I had suspicion that something was going on - I know 2 of the people that were left in my small group did not think that it was getting foreclosed on even though my landlady had not paid the mortgage for several months, Ummm try not paying your mortgage for several months and see what happens!).
Okay enough of this. I am going to be doing more discussions like this after the new year. So get ready and make sure to chime in!
Today's installment on the 24 Days of Christmas is another goody by Stryper! He is the Reason for the Season. The only thing I know about the song is that it came out in the 1980's and was on the Stryper Christmas album.

Verse 1
You, you say that you've got it figured out
That life's about, you do what you want to.
You, you walk the tightrope of unbelief
Can't you see? His way is reality.
We all know it's better to give that receive
Then why don't we give God the glory?
Don't hide it, don't fight it, just believe.

Chorus 1
He is the reason for the season.
He is the reason for today.
He is the reason for the season.
Celebrate, celebrate.

Verse 2
You, your life can be a holiday
Everyday when He is with you.
Hey, let's get back to what it's all about.
Shout it out. Christ is the reason.
We all know it's better to give that receive
His gift is for those who believe.
You got it if you want it, just believe.

Chorus 2
He is the reason for the season.
He is the reason for today.
He is the reason for the season.

Repeat Chorus 1 and 2

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