Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

It is a brand spanking new year. I am thankful that God has granted me the gift of seeing in another new year. I know many who ended up having 2013 be their last year. I am grateful for the things God taught me in 2013 and is continuing to teach me. I learned that I always need to go to Him in prayer for everything. Big or small needs. Nothing is too small or too big for Him. It along with reading the entire Bible through from cover to cover has helped me to trust Him more. I accomplished some things in 2013 that were pretty amazing and I owe it all to God for those things finally happening. I was able to save up money to put a down payment on a car. So I have transportation again (with a three month trial to Sirius Satellite radio). I was hating my job with the airline I was working for so I finally did something about that (a week after I bought the car). I quit my job in September and worked a few things until I was able to start substituting again. I was wanting to raise my pay and thank you Jesus that has happened. I got a permanent sub job for the rest of the school year with a nice big raise in pay. I will get paid through the summer and I will be able to get my own place again, add money to my savings account and get my first children's book out this year. Oh I forgot to mention that I got my first book out in 2013. It is entitled Adventure in Hawaii and you can find it on Amazon. I am on Amazon! How cool is that!! I am also working on another chapter book that will go in a series with this first book. Having a lot of fun writing it :)

With the ushering in of 2014 I have some goals that I would like to achieve this year.

1. Get into my new daily four routine: read in my daily devotional book, exercise for 30 minutes, take my multivitamin, and do my Bible reading (this year I am going to read through the entire Living Bible New Testament).
2. Get my first children's book out by the summer.
3. Read 24 chapter books this year (that is 2 a month).
4. Get my own place again.
5. Get seasons 6-10 of Beverly Hills 90210 on dvd
6. Get my passport again
7.  Go see someplace I have not seen yet (like Washington DC. or where my great-great-great-great grandfather is buried).
8. Get out to California to see my sister and brother
9. Get out to Arizona to see my parents.
10. Get a rodent (hamster, rats, gerbils, or guinea pig).
11. Have another job lined up when subbing ends. 
12. Go on a book tour after the book gets out.
13. Do a book signing for Adventure in Hawaii
14. Do something to get Sweet Kritter Creations off the ground.
15. Blog more in 2014 and do some fun things with my blog
16. Get the flat top roof made for the doll house.

2014 is also a big year for my fur children. Ella turns 6 in February (I have had her since she was 3 months old). Sugar turns 10 in March (I have never had a 10 year old cat ever nor have I had one that snores which is what she is currently doing. Love my sweet baby). This month I will have had Shells for 7 years and Callie will turn 7 in December. 
It is funny as I get ready to put a music video on here. I am currently staying with a 71 year old lady. She does not make yearly goals. She is in the end of her years. I am in the middle of mine and I enjoy making yearly goals and then setting out to achieve them. I want to see my dreams come true with God's help. To live a life every day of awakening (like the Switchfoot video I picked out - brag moment here. Yes I did go to college with Drew who plays guitar in Switchfoot!!). 

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