Saturday, January 4, 2014

Life and Quantum Leap

One of my most absolute favorite shows is Quantum Leap. I watched it when it was on television back in first runs, but not as much as I would have liked. I have watched it more since it went off the air because it was carried for a long time by G4 on U Verse (they stopped carrying the show which makes me sad because I still have not seen all the episodes). I have been watching the episodes on my dvr that I was recording when I was still working the zombie shift for the airline. While I was still working for the airline I got to thinking about how I felt as if my life was a bit like Quantum Leap. I shall now go into further depth on this.

I felt that for the past few years things got off track for me starting back in 2010. First the work I had as an adjunct dried up and I pretty much lost my VERY part time ad change job the day I went to get food stamps because I was almost completely out of food and felt it was more important to go in person to get my card then wait for it to be mailed to me (who knows how long I would have sat without food in the pantry). Then the duplex I was renting was foreclosed on and rather than stick around to see what would happen, I up and moved to Nashville and began working at whatever I could find while drawing on my unemployment benefits and looking for a career job (which I never could find). Add to that I was moving around every two months and then ended up getting evicted from an illegal rental unit which basically forced me to move back to Texas (I was shooting for Arizona to move in with my parents, but did not have enough money for gas or the U Haul to make it to Arizona). I got back to Arlington and things were rough in the beginning, I landed a job as quickly as I could to get the income flowing again and then set about to figure out a job I could work at where I would not have to worry about how I was going to get to work (forgot to mention I moved back with a non-working car that I never could afford to get fixed).  I landed what would end up being a work from home job and ended up getting my own place again. Yet through the entire time I felt like this was not what I was supposed to be doing and that I needed to fix in my life what once went wrong. Much like what Dr. Sam Beckett did when he leaped into the lives of other people. Except as I said instead of other people, it was me. And instead of Al on my journey as my guide, I have God.

I believe that God has used that show in my life to work towards making my life better and getting things back on track. From quitting my job with the airline to stepping out on faith to get a car again that requires a payment to going back into the classroom as a substitute teacher (and now a permanent sub for the rest of the school year) I feel like I have set right what once went wrong with God guiding my footsteps the entire way. There are some who strongly disagree with what I have done. One person has repeatedly told me I should have stuck with my job at the airline. Another person said that God was trying to teach me something through me hating my job with the airline and that I needed to let Him teach me. But you know what? They do not see the big picture. None of us can. Only God can see the big picture. So maybe God has been leading me on this journey to set right what once went wrong. Maybe there is something great that He has in store for me and by staying in the other things I would not be able to accomplish what He has planned for me. Kind of like when I realized that I was going to have to go ahead and move in with the 71 year old lady if I wanted to be able to have a car again. I did not see anything changing on the car front by staying in my apartment. I still was not going to be in a position any time soon to get a car. And sorry folks I was not going to get my motorcycle license. Me on a motorcycle or scooter. No thank you! 

So there it is. My life is a bit like Quantum Leap. I have striven to put right what once went wrong. I am still on my journey and have no clue what is ahead, but I can assure you that stepping out on faith and trusting God. Leaping so that the net will appear is better than staying in a miserable situation. I am actually happy about this year and what lies ahead (and not just because I blocked two naysayers on Facebook either). The next step on this journey is getting my own place again. Where will God guide me? Wonder if God would mind if I nicknamed Him Al. Nah I like God better. Or Jehovah. Or Emmanuel. Or Savior. Or any of the other names of His that remind me of His qualities and His character. Please be praying about me finding a place to move to by March. I feel like it is time to fly the coop and get back out on my own. Trust God for His provisions on that front as I also work to get my first children's book out this year.

I leave you with this question. Do you ever or have you ever felt like Quantum Leap? That you were striving to put right what once went wrong in your own life?

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