Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hey I Entered a Weight Loss Contest

So I was checking my work email and happened to see that at the school I am a permanent sub at that there is a biggest loser contest going on amongst the faculty and staff. The deadline to enter is this week. It costs $20 to enter so I decided what the heck, I am entering. I am working out already and have am working on getting myself back into shape, might as well enter a weight loss contest where I have the possibility of winning money :)

I posted my contest entry on facebook and someone said to make sure I drink lots of water. This led into a huge debate which caused someone to unfriend me (seriously people take things far too seriously on facebook). Anyway I have done some more research on this. Drinking lots of water does not contribute to weight loss - it just makes you have to go to the bathroom a lot more. And going to the bathroom a lot more due to drinking more water does not mean one has diabetes. It is also a myth that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day (google it and read up on it - also look for the article 8 Reasons Why You Don't Need 8 Glasses of Water or whatever it is entitled). Also a myth that you are to drink half your body weight in ounces of water (that would be 18 glasses a day for me-far too much). You are supposed to drink according to your hydration needs and also realize that you get your water in all sorts of forms.

I am glad that I entered this contest. I am watching my caloric content and what I eat and have been exercising 33 minutes a day on the exercise bike, I hope that I win. Here is a great video to go with my contest entry Overcomer by Mandisa  :)

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