Monday, February 3, 2014

 It's A New Day

It is February!! Getting closer to spring break in March. Woo hoo! And I am still plugging along in the weight loss contest. Which yes I would like to win, but if I do not at least it is getting me going on losing weight, eating healthy (which I did that for the most part) and exercising on a regular basis.

Okay let me be honest about my weight, When I weighed myself on January 10th, I weighed 296. I did drop 7 pounds,but then went up 2 pounds (not sure why). So last time I weighed it was 291. I thought about doing something a friend from church is doing (to win the weight loss contest), but I really do not want to get myself down to eating 700 to 1,000 calories a day. I feel that is too restrictive. So I will do what I am doing and know the weight will stay off longer.

I have also been taking a multi-vitamin on a daily basis and I am still plugging away at reading through my Living New Testament Large Print edition along with one of my devotional books. I am also working on finding a place of my own to move to. Even if it is a one bedroom apartment. As long as it has washer/dryer connections. And as Benji reminded me - just get a place of my own again and work my way back to a duplex or town home or mobile home.

Okay today's video is New Day by Avalon.I heart Avalon! IU have seen them in concert once. They are all super nice people :)

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Anonymous said...

296 pounds? Dang! That's almost a 1/6th of a ton!