Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Emmanuel- Hallowed Manager Ground

3rd day of December and no Christmas stuff up. But I will get them up. I just have been too tired when I get home from work to do it and I like to wait until December starts to get them up since I like to enjoy Thanksgiving.
So today is a special day for me. It marks the 24th anniversary of my pledge class getting initiated into the Eta Omega chapter of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority along with our brothers in the Iota Alpha chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi Honorary Band Fraternity. It was the hardest and best thing that I ever did in my life. I am forever grateful that I did it. I love my big brother and my big sister who are married to each other (hi Ron hi Joan). And I am grateful for all the things that came out of it. The cool clothing with all the greek letters on it, me being able to say that my cousin Sherie is my brother and my dad saying no she is your sister and me saying no she is your sister and me saying no girls in the fraternity are our brothers. And of course my jersey with my nickname on it that no one else can wear because their nickname is not Roo. I am the only Roo :) Then of course me having my stuffed little Roo that I take places and have been able to take pictures of him when he is unclothed before getting a bath. Or when he has been at the blackjack table in Las Vegas. I know I am my age and I still like to drag my Roo with me everywhere. Oh and the cool jewelry that I have. But the best part is the leadership experiences that it has brought me and the skills it has allowed me to develop. To this day I cannot be somewhere that election for office are being done without wanting to say - are there any other nominations are there any other nominations are there any other nominations. And the places I have gone, To district conventions in two districts, to 3 national conventions, to workshops, to the 4th of July in San Diego a couple of times where we attempted to see if they would deliver pizza to the beach (they would not). To me not being able to listen to the song Highway to Hell by ACDC when I am driving because of the adventurous road trip that Sean, Shawn and Russell had on the way to Flagstaff in 1992. So to the active sisters of the Eta Omega chapter of Tau Beta Sigma at California State University, Fresno that were active in the fall of 1990 and granted me a bid, I say thank you. Thank you for what you did to make my life more full and more richer. Happy birthday Zetas!! In Z formation!!
Okay today's installment on the 24 Days of Christmas I am switching it up to Chris Tomlin. See you can go buy some new Christmas albums. There is still time!! It is Emmanuel - Hallowed Manager Ground. I like the word Emmanuel because it means God with us. I am so glad that God is with us. We need Him on this journey of life on this earth. And I pray that for my friend.

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