Monday, December 8, 2014

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Oh Monday how you slay me. This week and next week and then on vacation for two whole weeks!! With pay! I must high five myself - 8 days in a row over here on the Great Faith Adventure (again sounds like there is a whole creative team) with the 24 Days of Christmas blog posts. I am taking song suggestions, but will need a a live performance of the song to go with it. And I might mix it up and get a guest blogger. Who knows? Anything can happen with the 24 Days of Christmas blog posts.
I was listening to Chris Tomlin's Christmas album on You Tube and heard Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Once again part of the lyrics struck me different. Or maybe I heard them in a new light. I like when something sticks out. Maybe it is because of my friend. Not sure. Anyway the part that stuck out to me was God and sinners reconciled. Do you know how awesome that is? Because of Adam and Eve we fell under the curse. The curse of sin and death. But because of God loving us so much that He sent His Son down to this earth in the form of a little baby to one day die for our sins, we are reconciled with God. I looked up the meaning of the word reconcile in the dictionary. This is what it had to say: to cause people or groups to become friendly again after an argument or disagreement. Ummm okay I would say after what happened with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden that there was definitely a disagreement. Okay more than a disagreement. I looked up the Biblical definition of reconciliation and it said that it is the changing for the better a relationship between two or more persons. From a theological perspective it refers to a change of relationship between God and man. Adam and Eve were punished for what they did in the Garden of Eden and that was passed down to all mankind. We were under the wrath of God. The only way before Jesus came was to offer up lambs as an atonement for sin or to have the priest do it. Now let's just face it. If I had to offer up a lamb these days well God should have struck me dead a long time ago. There have been times in my life that I would have had no money to go out and buy a lamb to offer up as an atonement for my sin. So thank You God for loving us so much despite what Adam and Eve did in the garden that got passed down to all of mankind. Thank You for sending Jesus down here on this earth in the form of a baby. In a very ordinary way. The only baby ever born whose purpose in life was to die for the sins of the world. Thank You God for providing a way for us to be reconciled to You so that we would be able to have fellowship with You. Not just in heaven, but down here on this earth. We so desperately need that. It is not easy on this journey of life. Knowing Jesus really does make the difference.
As I write this, I continue to pray that I will be able to share with my friend. First, God needs to help him get into a good frame of mind so he can get back to work. Then God needs to provide the opportunities for friendship to develop.
Hope you enjoy this video of Jeremy and Adie Camp live!

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