Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Angels We Have Heard On High

So on Sunday when a Christmas miracle existed and I was in small group, we were discussing what about the Christmas story that stood out to us. And I promise that I sort of composed a blog post on this in my head before I got out of bed. I do not know if I will remember what all I had to say. Anyway, my friend Brandon said what stood out to him was the angels appearing to the shepherds to proclaim that Jesus had been born. Not just one angel, but a whole host. This was not a normal thing. Usually when an angel appeared to someone in the Bible that meant death (I do not think that was always the case, but I gotta do some digging since I got a C in Old Testament Survey and do not have time to look it up at the moment). And then we were discussing the fact that the angels appeared to shepherds. Shepherds were considered to be the lowest of the low. Grubby and working with animals that were not exactly the smartest. Cute, but not smart and not all exorcist like my little black kitten Etta, but that is an entirely different post.
I guess as I think more about this it is pretty amazing. I want to be more amazed, but it is 6:55 in the morning and I have to leave for work in less than an hour. I promise that when Christmas break begins, I will be more amazed. I just like that God sent the angels to appear to the lowest of the low and did not have to throw a parade in order to make His announcement, That He loves us so much no matter where we are at, In the high points of our lives and in the low points. And of course He loved us so much that He sent Jesus to be born. I cannot even wrap my mind around that. I just know that I am glad that He did that.
I want this Christmas season to be different for me, I want to concentrate on the gift that God gave to this fallen world. The opportunity for use to be redeemed by Him. I still think of my friend. I guess I have my friend a lot on my mind this Christmas. God is answering another prayer that I have been praying, My friend will be back at work next week. I am grateful for that. I finally understood that feeling that I got when I went with him on a walk. Of this being the beginning of a long road. There is much praying still to be done for my friend. I still have to keep trusting and hoping and believing and having faith. If I have to verbalize it out loud then I will. Whatever will help to get that truth sunk in and stay.
Today's installment on the 24 Days of Christmas blog post is Penatonix singing Angels We Have Heard On High, Enjoy!!

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