Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Light of the Stable


You got a treat today over here at the Great Faith Adventure. A live performance of Selah doing Light of the Stable. With Amy Perry! I have this Christmas album (cd - seriously what should I refer to this as) with Todd's sister Nicole on it. I like it, but I also like the stuff with Amy. Glad God kept Selah going.
So I am starting to get vacationitis. I want next week to get here. Not because of the short days, but because of my friend being back at work, But then I want Friday December 19th to get here so I can go meet the fur kids I am taking care of, And of course I want to sleep in. I will not be doing that this Saturday. Social calendar is filling up. Graduation in the morning. Think I am playing with some other people at the Salvation Army kettles. Trying to get that squared away. I still need to practice. Sorry in advance kitties. That is what I will attempt tonight and tomorrow. Sunday was just going to be church and come home to finish laundry. Nope. Now I have a baby shower to go to. But it will be fun.
I have no deep thoughts on this The only one that comes to mind is what I am putting on my make shift ugly sweater I am making. A big stocking that says donations, I know I have entirely too much time on my hands. And I really do need to put in some more commas. Also I am scared to know what is in the closet of one of the teachers at school. He came in an elf outfit Actually his closet may be inspiring me. I want to get a Ms. Clause outfit and a pilgrim woman outfit because every gal needs that in her closet :) Oh and I live with the exorcist kitten. I had to re-do my entire Christmas tree thanks to her. But apparently I love her despite her little exorcist ways.
Okay enjoy the video!!

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