Thursday, December 11, 2014

Do You Hear What I Hear

So today is an important day for me. I have been working at my school for exactly one year today. Yep on December 11, 2013 I started my job. I count this is as one of the best decisions that I ever made. To go on the interview and to accept the job when my principal said she was going to recommend me. I pray every day on my way to work for God to help me be a doer (my principal told me back in August that that was one of the things that they liked about me. That I was a doer. I just did what was asked of me) and to help me have a great attitude (the office manager told me that I had one of the best attitudes of anyone that she knew) and to be flexible (the office clerk said she liked that I was flexible). I also strive for other things. I strive to be intentionally different in a good way. I kind of see my work place as my mission field. While I cannot share Christ outright, I can show the love of Christ through what I do. By being an encouragement to others, by being a help even when it is not expected. I no longer get mad at the traffic (it does me no good - it will be there regardless since I have to drive forever and a day. Instead of getting mad at the traffic, I listen to some of my Christian cd's. Chris Tomlin's Burning Lights cd tends to be one of my favorites. I also pray on my to work. I pray for teachers that are out, I pray for my principal, I pray for the rest of the staff, faculty, and administrators, I pray for the teacher that is pregnant (I was able to tell her one day that I have been praying for her and she appreciated it very much - this is her first pregnancy and I know she is scared about upcoming stuff), I pray for another teacher's wife who is pregnant. I pray a lot for my friend that has been out and for God to keep using me in his life.
I love that I have been able to make some good friends at work. The district that I work in might be challenging, but the community at my school is awesome as are the administrators. I do pray for God to keep moving me forward in life. I do not always want to be doing what I am doing. Plus my position is fairly new, so they do not know from year to year if they will have it. But I 13 days ledo want to do more. I am attempting to get back to work on my school counseling certification. I am stepping into the great unknown again and I pray that this will work out this time. I know that I need to keep trusting God. In every single aspect of my life. It is not easy at times, but He is helping me and He is helping to listen for His voice and His direction. I know without a doubt that this is where He wanted me this school year and I am glad. I would not trade the experiences this school year for anything in the world.
Today's song is one that I enjoy. Do not know why, but I have always liked it. Last year I had it up, but it was Whitney Houston. This year it is Anthony Evans. He was on The Voice. Team Christina. I stopped watching after he did not progress any further. Ugh. Anyway, enjoy. Blogger problems here. 13 days left of this. I need more songs (bangs head against desk)

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