Friday, December 12, 2014

Mary Did You Know


So today is Friday!! Yay! Now I need for the day to sail by and the staff Christmas party to sail by so that way I can come home, take a shower, put on my jammies and sit in the recliner with the lights off looking at the Christmas tree. I have no deep thoughts other than this. Seriously. It is Friday. I am half way through the 24 Days of Christmas blog posts. 12 songs left to go. I can do this.
So today's song is Mary Did You Know? Mark Lowry wrote it and did it originally, but many other groups have also performed the song as well. I like the lyrics because it asks the questions to Mary that we wish we could have all asked her. Did she have any idea on that night when Jesus was born amongst the animals in the stable that He would grow up and do the things that God had planned. I know Mary knew she was holding the Son of God, but wow. How overwhelming it must have been for her on that first night she was holding him. What ran through her mind?
I decided to go with Rascal Flatts performing the song. I heart Rascal Flatts. I am not a big fan of country music (shock of all shocks - I live in Texas and I ran off to Nashville the country music capital for a year). I do, however, like Rascal Flatts and hope to see them one day in concert.
So here they are. Enjoy!!

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