Saturday, December 13, 2014

We Are The Reason

I am going to admit it right now. God already knows. He knows everything and I describe my relationship with Him as open since He knows everything anyway. Which makes it easy to be honest with Him. Which makes it easier to trust Him and love Him because He is my Heavenly Father. Anyway, tonight when I was out getting a few items and kind of wishing in the back of my mind I could just for once not be on a budget, I found myself uttering out loud - stupid Christmas. I did not mean it, but the words came out anyway. So let's analyze this further. Why on earth would I say these words out loud? Thankfully I said them in the car, but still they were out there in the universe and I did not mean them, I really did not. So let us go to the next paragraph since I do not want today's post to be one giant paragraph.

I said them because I had in the back of my mind my friend from work. He likes nice expensive things. He has a $1400 duvet cover, Gucci sunglasses, and he drives a luxury car. All on a teacher's salary. So how the heck he can afford this stuff is beyond me. I am on a Dollar General, Ross, Dillard's 70% off clearance rack budget. The only way I will get myself anything Tommy Hilfiger or Guess is from Ross. Totally not kidding - they had Tommy Hilfiger flip flops for $16.99. I am so buying a pair just to say I have Tommy Hilfiger in my wardrobe :) Anyway, I was feeling bad as I was shopping at Dollar General for some stuff and then over at Tuesday Morning because I was not just going out dropping money like there was no tomorrow. Probably like my friend from work does. I am assuming that is the case since he has a pair of Gucci sunglasses. Really? What teacher in their right mind can afford that? But I digress (and am making note to never ever tell my friend about my blog). Then I was thinking - he might be in debt up to his eyeballs. Which goes against everything Dave Ramsey says and what I agree with, And who in their right mind has a $1400 duvet cover? If you have cats, chances are they are going to hurl all over it. Heck your dog might even do that, They do not care if it costs $1400.

Then I thought some more (all this after I apologized to God and asked Him to forgive me since I do not for one minute think Christmas is stupid). So what if I am not dropping $100 per person or more in my family and buying my friends Tommy Hilfiger jeans and Vera Wang dresses. It is about the thought that goes into what I pick out. Like this year I got both of my identical twin nieces cookbooks for Christmas. I like to send them and their brother a book every Christmas. Apparently they are not readers (my plan backfired) so I decided a cookbook since it keeps with my tradition of getting them a book. And for my sister and my sister-in-law I am making them something. So even though it is not expensive, it is the thought that counts. Much like what God did for us. We do not celebrate Christmas for the presents. We celebrate because of the fact that God sent Jesus into this world to die for our sins so that we might have eternal life. And I may not be dropping a ton of money on people or going out and buying myself luxury items like Gucci sunglasses that cost more than my no-line bifocals (I was in denial when I got my glasses) with the special lenses because I am blind, but I am trying to get some things paid off. Like my bill for the washer and dryer and the laptop to Conn's. And my Wells Fargo credit card that went to collections a long time ago and I am now in a position to get it paid off. Or let's see - trying to go to school next summer online on my laptop on my balcony in my bathing suit. So I do not feel bad one bit. I have a quality of life that name brand expensive items that are going to burn up one day (Dr. Brunson would be so proud of me - I listened to his sermons!) anyway. I also make sure to use the resources that God has given me to do whatever He would lead me to do. It does not always involve money.

Today's installment on the 24 Days of Christmas is We Are the Reason by Avalon. I found it fitting because it is a reminder - we are the reason that Jesus have His life. How undeserving of the gift of Jesus that we are, How very thankful I am that Jesus loved me before I came into this world.

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