Friday, December 5, 2014

O Come O Come Emmanuel

Alright there is no lying over here at The Great Faith Adventure. So I am not going to lie to you. I was going to originally go with Casting Crowns singing Away in a Manger. But then I remembered I had paid more attention to Selah singing O Come O Come Emmanuel. So that is what I went with. And before I go any further, I have to say that I really like that God has turned me into a writer. I enjoy writing creatively and look forward to having the money to be able to get my books out and marketed. Got one out. Just need to market it and set up And of course a book signing (and know how to spell signing lol). And of course blogging. I am glad that I decided not to just quit doing this all together. It was hard when I was living in Nashville because that was a tough year for me. And my faith was greatly challenged. But oh so grateful that I am still doing this and blogging about my journey of faith and what I am learning along the way. I am not perfect, I am a messed up person. I mess things up and get impatient and cause one person to stress out and not want to talk to me until he is back at work (my friend). Which might be why I got the feeling on Saturday as we were walking that this is going to be a long road. Did not get the feeling like this was it and no more contact. Just that this was going to be a long road. Help me now Jesus. I need extra grace with this one. I tend to feel like I am the extra grace required person in other people's lives. Hello God just gave me my own extra grace required person in the form of my friend. How fun! Seriously it will be fun.
So yesterday when I was listening to my Selah Christmas album I was paying a little more attention to the words of this wonderful song. Some of the words that stuck out to me were: o come o come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel." I think that we can change those words up a little and put our names there in the place of Israel. Here like this: o come o come Emmanuel and ransom captive Kathi. The next part of the song: that mourns in lonely exile here. I decided to look up the word ransom in the dictionary. I know what it means, but it is nice to have a definition here to look at as I explain my thoughts.
\So the definition of ransom: a consideration paid or demanded for the release of someone or something from captivity
I would say not just Israel as is mentioned in the song, but all mankind has been in captivity. Captivity to sin. Which being in held captive to sin we mourn (although we do not know that we mourn, but our souls do) in lonely exile. Bit thank you God for the gift of Jesus. Who came to pay the price and gave His life as a ransom. We did not have to do that.
There is more that I want to say on this because the whole song is speaking to me about my friend and his situation. I put his name in the place of Israel. And it is so very true, I cry out to God for my friend to be able to have his heart opened when the time comes for me (still feel like Moses) to begin sharing Christ with him, Inside of my heart I believe there is a day coming when that will happen. I have to believe, Why else would my friend be on my heart. Not just because I have concern for him, but because God is doing something that I have no idea what, For I do not know the plans that God has for me or anyone else. I just know that they are plans for welfare and not for harm, To give me (and my friend if he comes to trust Jesus as his Savior and oh how I pray for that on a daily basis - but first he needs to talk to me, But he will. I just have to talk to God and tell Him my frustrations)  future with hope.
I anted to put up a video of Selah singing this, but embedding was disabled. So enjoy Lincoln Brewster singing this song live. I do want to go see Selah in Allen, but will not be able to. However in February it is on! They will be pleasantly surprised at how much weight I have lost.

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