Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Joseph's Song

So day 3 of updating my blog from my bed in my Eeyore jammies. On my laptop again. I can get used to this,

So today I have been in another melancholy mood. I was hoping I would get to see my friend, but I did not. My other friend did and she said he seemed happy and bubbly. I do not know I was sad that I did not get to see him, Just was. I need to do some praying about this. I do not like being like this, And  I have to trust God that if He truly wants there to be a friendship that He will provide the opportunities for us to spend time together getting to know one another. But also added on is that I finished applying for Angelo State University today so I can start working on my school counseling certification next summer and then I found out how much the classes were. $1195 per class. I cannot afford that. At that rate, I will be taking on class a year. I will never get to be a school counselor. Then add on top of that, I finished reading chapter 1 in the US History text book that I bought at Half Price Books, 30 chapters left to go, Then I have Texas History and World History to plod through and I was hoping to take the test in March over spring break, I do not think I will ever be prepared. A friend of mine said well if I fail the certification test then just take it again, That is $125. I want to pass it the first time around.

In other news, I am going to be a Christmas orphan. No one to spend the day with, That is okay, I am going to turn off the phone, stash it and go off the grid, Spend the day reflecting upon the day and probably go buy a pizza and crab salad for Christmas dinner (actually not that - but I will do something different).

Today's installment was recommended by a friend on Facebook. I finally checked it out and I like. I like that it is from Joseph's perspective, I wonder what really was going through Joseph's mind back in the day, Nothing about the whole thing was normal. I am sure that people thought they were off their rocker, Kind of like when I packed up all my stuff and moved back to Texas from Nashville. Or when I was moving into my apartment not knowing if I would have my job again this year, The more I dig into the Christmas story, the more I like how they had to trust God at every single turn, Much like what I need to do with my friend, I need to trust God at every single turn.

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