Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Heaven Everywhere

Well here it is. Day 17 of the 24 Days of Christmas blog posts. I have 7 more left to go after this. Still not sure what I will be doing for Christmas, Doing some praying regarding a friend of mine and that day. Would love to be able to spend the day with him. 

Today was a good day, I got to spend the day with my friend. That was good. I know some more things to pray for regarding him. And I also know that this is indeed going to be a long road. When we spend an hour walking his dog back in November, I got the feeling that it was the beginning of a long road. Now it is - this is going to be a long road. So I am praying for strength to keep at it. And also for God to keep our paths together for however long it will take. 

Two more days and then off for a much needed break, I have started talking with a college about possibly enrolling in their doctoral program for psychology, All online except for the residency. And they will fly me out there on them to check out the program, I am considering doing that, I first and foremost would like to see how school counseling plays itself out, If God will make a way for me then I will do it, I would love to do that. Heck maybe I could do that and then get my Ph.D in psychology. Dr. Waddle has a nice ring :)

Today's installment on the 24 Days of Christmas blog post is Heaven Everywhere by Francesca Battistelli, I have one of her cd's. I really like her version of Lead Me to the Cross, Which I pray for my friend to hear and be moved by the lyrics, So many things I pray for my friend, 

Here is the video, Enjoy!

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