Thursday, December 18, 2014

Oh Holy Night

Day 18 and it is getting to be a miracle that I am finding stuff to post up here. I am trying to keep the songs that I find faith based. But, I think that I am going to be going regular stuff soon. So now I have to think of some fun stuff to put up here. I shall write some stuff down tomorrow in case I find myself sitting around the testing center again waiting. 

God is good! All the time God is good! I have seen another answered prayer in my friend's life. So now I move to the next part of praying for him. God will keep me praying and I will keep on trusting Him. I am not going to worry about the future or analyze stuff. I am going to enjoy the moments that come along. We have already had some and I laugh at those already. I look forward to seeing what all happens.

In other news, tomorrow afternoon I will on a much needed two week break from school. I am going to relax, enjoy myself and make some extra money for part of my break :) First thing that I will do is sleep in,

Okay today's installment is Oh Holy Night being performed by one of my favorite 90's bands (do not judge - my friend has already judged me on Taylor Swift)

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