Friday, December 19, 2014

Star of Wonder 

Day 19. Seriously running out of stuff that is faith based. It is becoming a stretch, I start typing and then pause and see if I can find something, I am happy to say that I just found something,

So Christmas break has started and I feel blah already, There are a number of reasons, One being I wish I had someone (a guy friend) to pal around with, I have plenty of female friends - give me a guy friend, And you know what, I will have a guy friend, Even if I am his adopted aunt and am 22 years older than him, I will have a guy friend in my life again, That is the beauty of working in the field of education - you get people from all ages working together,

I decided to treat myself to sushi buffet before going to spend (I did not set out to do it - just happened) $52 at Mardel's. I blame the Christmas cd's that were $5 and had a sign that said 50% off which meant they were $2.50. My Christmas cd collection just expanded. I also got Moment Maker by Carlos Whittaker for $3, I love the Whittakers! They are the sweetest nicest people ever. And I got Angie Smith's book Chasing God for $5. Hard back.

So today's installment is Star of Wonder by JJ Heller. Enjoy!!

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