Saturday, December 20, 2014

Asleep in the Hay

Day 20. 4 days left after this. I promise I am not hating this, But oh my gosh I cannot think, Maybe I need to start stuff in June by getting famous musicians to record stuff for this, Live. Or I just go to Nashville and hit up the people I know there. I have connections :) 

So first full day of Christmas break and I have a bunch of sickies on my hands, Poor little Etta got fixed through the low cost spay and neuter place and I am pretty sure she has developed kennel cough, Now the other three have whatever she has, So she is going to the vet on behalf of all four and I will attempt to medicate four cats, Why exactly am I a cat person again? With four? Dogs are starting to look a bit better. So she is going to the vet later today.

I feel blah. I have had a talk with God, Several actually. Part of it is frustration with my friend from work, Not frustrated at him. But praying for him is hard, God is going to have to drag me through this, I feel once again like tossing up my hands, But I know that I cannot. I care about my friend and where he spends eternity, And he does need some people in his life that will be a good influence on him. 

Speaking of being a good influence, When I was in Mardel yesterday, God reminded me that I am to be light to my friend's dark. And do not let my friend influence me. I checked out the first three chapters of these two books he was reading, Ummm yeah, And also this romance novel that I downloaded off of Kindle, Also not a good idea. So the light in me is going to keep on shining brightly as I think of ways I can be a good influence on him. I am starting by praying that he does not hook up with any guys, He needs to stay away from them. 

I am learning it is hard, I really really need God to give me a bone here. I need for Him to let a friendship develop and blossom, For opportunities to get to know each other better outside of work, It was fun this week hanging out with him in the testing center, And I like the present he gave me for all the help I have been, but I cry out to God for friendship so there can be opportunities that come to talk about more serious stuff, I pray for God to draw him to me, I know that sounds kind of weird, But I think if he starts to feel more and more drawn to me then things will start to happen on a deeper level, I know this all has to be in God's timing, But still, I do not know what next year will hold. I would hate to part ways with him and I never get to see him again, Another area I have to trust God in, It is hard, But I have to trust Him, I have to trust that He loves my friend and that He will transform his life, 

I am also praying that we get to hang out when I dog/cat/house sit in north Dallas starting next weekend, I would love to take the dogs for a walk, 

Today's installment is Asleep in the Hay by Johnny Diaz,

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