Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jesus Light of the World

I have a confession to make. If it is the end of the day and I do not feel like doing a complete blog post, I just type something in and then publish it and come back later to edit so it looks like I have been keeping up with my 24 Days of Christmas posts. Which I have for the most part :)

So, I had some fun tonight. I went to my friend Susan's church to see the Christmas program which included (and smelled like) live sheep, Just two, I like her church. It was nice to see a variety of people there. While the pastor (who is very young) was sharing a message, I thought again of my friend from work, I started typing school. Same thing - we work in a school. And I cried for him again I so desperately want to see him come to Christ, I know how much it would change his life for the better, I had the words long road come to mind again, This is the third time. The first time was when we went for an hour long walk with his dog and in my spirit I said - this is the beginning of a long road. Then at work last Wednesday when we were sitting together in staff development I said in my spirit/to myself - this is going to be a long road, And then again tonight - long road. I talked with my friend Kevin who is a pastor and he reminded me that the Bible is full of stories of long roads. There were a lot of times when there was a long period between a calling and a fulfillment, God's timing can seem long to us, but we can trust that He is at work, So, I keep praying, As hard as it is. As emotionally draining as it is at times because honestly I feel like chopped liver to my friend, And I sooo do not want it to be that he got what he needed and that is it, I really need God's strength in all of this.

So today's installment is from Third Day's Christmas Offerings album. Pretty sure this was one of the $2.50 cd's I bought the other day at Mardel's. I shall check. I forgot how much I like Third Day. I will have to listen to my cd's. I hope you enjoy this song. I really like the lyrics and it is positive and uplifting.

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