Sunday, January 25, 2015

Great Are You Lord

I have been meaning to blog for a while. I have a couple of things on my mind, so I will do some separate blog posts. Today's theme is from the song we sang at the end of the service. Man was it awesome! Ender brought the word today. We have been doing a sermon series on the Holy Spirit. Last week Jason preached and he encouraged us to try an experiment for 5 minutes a day for 30 days - sitting and listening to the Holy Spirit. I started last Sunday. First day I had nothing. Jason said that might happen. In fact he said it could take a while. Second day I did it. I try to do it first thing in the morning in the dark after I had read my Bible. I did it after 10 pm warm and comfy in my bed. I felt a a bit of a stirring. Then I went to sleep. Less than two hours I was waking up a bit thinking it was a lot later than it was and discovering after I heard the text message alert go off three times and then looked over a few minutes later to see who it was and the time that it was not even 12:30. Ugh. I looked to see who had text messaged me or who had commented on a Facebook status. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. My friend at school had text messaged me a three parter. He said he was going to be out the next day and not to worry the world was not ending no calamity. He was telling me so I would not start some absurd speculation as to his whereabouts and tell anyone who would listen. And he said no need to check in on him he was fine. I think folks that it is safe to say I am making a difference in his life. I also think that it was not a coincidence. Making a difference in his life is what I want to be doing. I care about him very much and have been praying a lot for him. It is not easy at times especially when I do not see answers happening. It is not easy when I see him having ups and downs. He is alternating between weeks with a negative mood one week and a positive mood another week, I have people telling me to stay away from him altogether even if he is having a good week. To them  say - I will approach him on a good week and proceed with caution on a bad week as I pray like crazy for him.

Today;s message was about the Holy Spirit's work in the conversion process. How the Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of those around us and how we need to keep our eyes open and be ready to share when the time comes. I thought of my friend and how yesterday I was weeping off and on for him all day. Oh how I pray for him and for him to come to know Christ. How I pray that God is working in his life to bring him to faith in Christ. I thought about how my friend had wanted to transfer to our school for 5 years and he finally got the chance. How he has stated that he has wished he stayed put at his other school and even how we wished he had never left the first school that he started off his teaching career at. I have thought in the back of my mind - maybe just maybe God wanted you to come here because He is up to something in your life. But I cannot say that yet. Someday I hope to. I thought about the discussion that we had in my small group (I have been 5 times now!) and how God will move people geographically to be able to reach a person. He did that with Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, He has done that with others. I am not saying this to be all high and mighty, but I wonder deep down if that is what God has done with my friend. I said back in November when God helped me to pay for his medication that I am glad Nashville never worked out. If it had not then I never would have been able to help him at a time when he needed it. And now I say if I had never moved back from Nashville then I never would have met him and never would have been praying for him like I have. I am so very glad that God has me praying for my friend. I want to keep at it to see what God does. I want to see the power of God at work in his life. I want to see the miracle of Christ in his life. He will still have his struggles, but oh how it will he worth it with God by his side. And for him to know that in eternity he will have the hope of Christ to look forward to. Somehow God has developed in my a heart for the lost as I find myself praying for my friend. It is more than him just being gay It is that he needs the hope of Christ in his life and the prayers are getting more intense for him. I mean I was weeping on and off for him yesterday,

I love this song. It is by All Sons and Daughters and they are out of Franklin, TN. Just south of Nashville. I live the message in the song and how I long for my friend to hear this and have the words mean something to him.

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