Tuesday, March 31, 2015

God is Able

We sang this song in church on Sunday. It is by Hillsong United. I had part of the song in my head this morning. I decided to listen to it before I left for work this morning and then on my way. Yep one song for the entire drive. I think I need to listen to it some more. The message needs to sink in right now. Fine by me. I like the song, but most of all the message if the song (I will include lyrics below). I need the reminder in what sometimes is a daily struggle. And with my friend as I continue to pray for his salvation and friendship. 

I had a meltdown over bridal shower invitations yesterday. With my friend. I am coordinating a bridal shower for my friend who coaches JV girls soccer and also teaches ESL. She asked him when I was out on March 18th for a dental appointment if my friend I that I am praying for would do her bridal shower invitations. By hand. He started showing me some stuff that he was going to do. But then it became March 30th and nothing is done. I started thinking after a baby shower evite went out that why are we doing stuff by hand? Why are we not doing this by evite? So I talked to him yesterday after school. Thus my meltdown. Then I was thinking last night about what I would say to him/ If he really wanted to do them I wanted to give him a chance because he was wanting to do them. Plus he is really talented. But I know he has a lot on his plate and I did not think he would get things done. And I had to figure out how I would respond. Would I try to make him feel guilty? I saw him this morning before school and was trying to ignore him, but he talked to me first (I should not ignore him when I have something bothering me - I need to learn this if I hope to be married one day. I cannot ignore my husband. I have to be up front with him no matter how hard it may be). So no invitations by hand. I got the evite done. He volunteered to bring the serving dishes. I hope that occurs. I have learned that the social studies teacher who is getting married has them. I will not get annoyed. I promise. Or I will try not to get annoyed. 

He continues to be on my heart. I continue to pray for his salvation. And for friendship. I really care about him. I honestly and truly do. And I sincerely hope that he and I get to be really good friends. It was funny - I was the stressed out one and he was the calm one. It was weird yet nice at the same time. 

On the bright side of today - I made bunny rabbit cupcakes and brought them to school. I made red velvet because I knew he liked red velvet. He said they were cute and he had the lasst one when I offered it to him. I also made him a calendar to remember to write things down on.  That might have been slipping back into my old ways. I hope not. I am really trying hard. Actually I am doing a lot of praying, And I am feeling a bit better. I just talked to my friend Benji and I asked her why I care so much about my friend. I did not mean to. It just happened. God is teaching me how not to be smothering and overwhelming. I really need to learn that. It is not good in any friendship or relationship. And I learned that if something is bothering me not to just ignore the one I am having the issue with. Just be open and up front. No matter how much it might hurt, And always always choose to take the higher road. I know that, but it is easier said than done.

I did learn today that two of the teachers that are married to each other met on the job here. He floated into her room and she would stay and watch him teach. God works in interesting ways. If he wants two people to be together, he will bring them together wherever they may be even if one may not yet be saved and have the one that is saved be praying for the one that is not. Not that this is the case here. I am just praying for my friend's salvation and also for friendship. And I am praying for God to help me continue to get better and change for the better. To work on these areas that need to be worked on.
It is interesting that back in December when I was walking through the book section of Mardel's that God gave me a reminder - not a harsh one, but a nice Fatherly reminder - that I need to be a light to his dark. That does not mean bashing him upside the head with a Bible and preaching to him. It encompasses how I live my life out in front of him and how I respond when we do have challenges that come up. Always always take the higher road. That is what Jesus would do. And so I will the next time there is a challenge that comes up. And I will also start working on not seeing him multiple times a day. Before school and after school is enough. And planning period if we are both off. And only if I need to talk to him about something. I got everything hammered out for the bridal shower so I might be good to go for a bit. Or maybe instead of taking this approach, just pray for God to direct the interactions with him. 

I have to remember that God is able in this situation. As I continue to pray for my friend and his salvation and for friendship. Just give it to God each and every day. I like it when He puts a song in my head. I want to be used by Him and to grow and be stretched. I want to be obedient and be open to the wonderful guy that God would bring into my life if He so chooses. I do hope He chooses. I really do. I know something that I have admitted to myself deep down that only God and I know about. That is okay. I describe my relationship with him as open. He knows everything anyway. He will help me through. He has never let me down. I like that He is teaching me to be dependent on Him even in this, But most of all I want to be able to live my life intentionally different. Not tell people 20 times a day that I am praying for them. Always choose the higher road. Be the hands and feet of Jesus when presented with opportunities. Choose words that heal instead of hurt. Let my actions point to Christ and know that He will do the rest :)

God Is Able
He Will Never Fail
He Is Almighty God

Greater Than All We Seek
Greater Than All We Ask
He Has Done Great Things

Lifted Up
He Defeated The Grave
Raised To Life
Our God Is Able
In His Name We Overcome
For The Lord
Our God Is Able

God Is With Us
God Is On Our Side
He Will Make A Way
Far Above All We Know
Far Above All We Hope
He Has Done Great Things

Repeat Chorus

God Is With Us
He Will Go Before
He Will Never Leave Us
He Will Never Leave Us

God Is For Us
He Has Open Arms
He Will Never Fail Us
He Will Never Fail Us

Repeat Chorus 2x

Repeat 2x
For The Lord
Our God Is Able

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