Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monache Band Is Awesome!

Okay I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I decided I couldn't. One of my friends from high school - Andy Racca - posted some band pictures up. We were both in the drumline in the awesome Monache Marauder Marching Band. Yep we called ourselves awesome in the band - that's because we were. The pictures gave me a good laugh and brought back some awesome memories of some fun times. I loved loved loved being in the Monache Band. Everyone that was in it did and we always had the best time. We were great and we knew it and we were disciplined and always showed esprit de corps. Anyway I am going to share a few pictures.

Look at how big the band is and look how snazzy everyone looks in their blue and gold uniforms.

This gives a great close up to what the uniforms looked like. We had so many parts lol. Not just your jacket and uniform - fancy it up with a cumberband, a dickey and then throw in some spats for the drumline so sticks don't get caught in the sleeves. I played cymbals in drumline, but I still had to wear them. Fine by me!!

Look! That's what we did after they announced we had won sweeptakes (which was pretty much every year).

The band was so big that year that the drumline had to go without hats. I'm on the sidelines in my COS blue band pants - I was cheering on my Marauders (and crashing cymbals to signal the bands to start competition).

Okay more tomorrow. The pictures are priceless

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