Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today's title comes from the song Persistence by Across The Sky. Great Christian group. You can find some of their stuff online. I'll post the lyrics to this song at the end.

I am up early cause I have to get myself around to go get my laundry done while it is still in the double digits.

I worked some more in my study that I am working through. To refresh your memory Megan (since you were my first follower) and since I have a new follower my cousin Linda (hi!) and hopefully pick up my cousin Lindsay (hey cuz!) and anyone else that might drop by - I am working my way through By Faith: Living in the Certainty of God's Reality.

Last night I finished up with reading about the part of what happens when God intersects our lives.

1. We focus on God instead of self
2. We surrender our desires to God's desires.
3. We become teachable.

I always try to think about what I read and pray about it. I admitted deep down in my heart (and God knew this was already there) that I am afraid that maybe the things I am praying for won't be what He wants and that those things will never happen. And then doubt creeped in - well maybe I shouldn't pray about that stuff. Maybe I am praying wrong. Stupid doubt - now I am understanding a little more of what my friend Auralee was talking about. Because when I look at it again I know God wants me to be doing something that is my passion and where my heart is. So yes keep praying about getting a full time position at a college (specifically I am praying about getting the interview for the academic advising position at Navarro College where I currently adjunct instruct). I also know that if God wanted me to be married someday (and I may be in the 4th decade now, but it doesn't mean I give up, invest in a third cat, grow hedges in front of the duplex and sign up for the mumu of the month club) then I know God would want that guy to be a godly Christian man - so then there's nothing wrong with praying for that. And the last thing - well let's just say I am not going to give up on praying for that cause there's nothing wrong with wanting to have someone in your life that is a great Christian friend - we need to have more friends like that in our lives. So thanks God for reminding me that I need to be persistent in these prayers. Thanks for breaking through the doubts that creeped in.

Song lyrics below:


I always felt like there was someone guiding me
Through the twisted maze of my reality
You never gave up when my hope would fade
You showed me signs, so many times

As the days went by I sensed Your touch
A steady stream that slowly turned into a flood
With all the evidence I'll ever need
There's no question of the way You prove Your love

Over and over I was turned back around
Whenever I wandered somehow You would find me
You've taken me into Your heart to my home
And closed the distance with Your persistence

Like an island I have landed on many times
Your love has been the only place I could survive
When I'm all alone I hear Your voice
Constantly, You are there for me


I always felt like there was someone guiding me
Through the twisted maze of my reality

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