Sunday, August 16, 2009

Enjoying Hearing While I Still Can

It is Sunday! Yay! God still has me around so He is not through with me yet! Let's see how many exclamation points I can use! lol

Tonight is the night. I get to go see Switchfoot for f-r-eeeeee! I have seen them once before at UTA. Which was funny the day I was going to see them. I decided to get some Vietnamese food beforehand and happened to run into Long - one of my former students from Samuell High School. I walk in and he's all "Miss Waddle" and I am all "Long". Yes the Californian in me just came out there lol He was finishing up his senior year and had said that he was going to be valedictorian and was mentioning me in his speech. Wow. This year when I re-connected with him on facebook he actually apologized to me for how he had been and he was glad to see I was working with college students. He's in college now. So yeah.

Amyway I digress. The last time I saw Switchfoot was two years ago at UTA. It was an awesome concert and I had fun. So tonight will be fun especially since there will be an aftershow and I made a nifty orange shirt that says Hello Hurricane and looks like a hurricane hit lol I think I will put the picture at the bottom of here.

God is continuing to help me see how good He is to me and how faithful He is. I decided to check my classes and wow all my classes have the required amount of students and then some. I have 25 students in my 11:00 general psych class and in the other three classes I have 14, 15, and 12. One of those is an 8:00 class and one is a Friday class. And registration has not even begun yet. I could get some more.

I have realized that 2009 is not the year I will have a full time position at a college. That is okay with me. I am glad that I am going back to Navarro. Which this is another milestone for me - first time ever to go back for a second year. When I was teaching in grades K-12 that did not happen. That is okay - that was not where I was supposed to be. I am glad for the experiences it gave me as I believe it has made me a better instructor and I have been able to work with a diverse student population. I am also glad because this is giving me continued experience - I do not have to step away. I need to get the experience working with college students to be continuous instead of broken up. I pray that 2010 will be the year I land a full time position at a college. In Nashville :) Or wherever God leads me.

Okay shirt pic below. Don't laugh!

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MissMegan85 said...

God is good! ALL the time! btw, I just noticed the new title of the blog and I LOVE IT! It really fits with what this whole thing (life) is sometimes.. a faith adventure.