Monday, August 17, 2009

Switchfoot Concert

Well last night was awesome! I am sooo glad that Drew got me the hook up. I only had to pay $10 for parking.

So I got there to the House of Blues went to the box office and there was my ticket and some meet and greets waiting for me. I went in and Ours was playing still. Not a fan of their music. I was on the floor - standing room only. It was a great place to be because I got some good pics of the concert. Even though I went by myself, it was a ton of fun. Plus it's nice to see a friend from college playing his heart out in a band that is VERY gifted and talented. Anyway, Switchfoot was on after 8 pm - had to get set up for their set. They played a lot of stuff off of Oh Gravity and some from the one before that - Dare You To Move and Meant To Live. It's nice - I actually know more of their songs. I first saw them in concert in 2007 at UTA. That is when I bought Oh Gravity! And I had heard some other stuff - like We Are One and Stars. I like those songs too. They did a couple of things off their new album coming out in October (hello birthday present to myself). Afterwards I found out where to meet for the meet and greet and stood in line and followed everyone upstairs to where Switchfoot was. I had extra meet and greet so I gave them to 3 boys and their dad. Two of the boys will be in 6th grade and the other one in 7th grade. It made their night and I was glad. I didn't want to give it to some 20 something. I told them a few stories about having gone to college with Drew. I showed Andy the guy taking all of us to the meet and greet the pics I brought of Drew - I had copies made.

Then when I finally got to go inside where they were Andrew said - Kathi Waddle and I said Andrew (I still refer to him as Andrew - that's what he went by in college). I was able to bring in the Dublin Dr Pepper I got for them in my backpack and I gave Andrew the pics I had of him. And I got to tell him about the one man band thing I noticed he had going on - playing keyboard with a guitar around him and a tambourine in one hand lol I had forgotten that he lived in Riverside - he went to the other private college in Riverside (La Sierra University). They loved the Dublin Dr Pepper and when I got a pic with the entire band Drew was holding one of them lol. I also was able to get Tim's signature on my poster and Jon put X2 next to his sig lol. Drew also told me that our friend Dex who we also went to Cal Baptist with and he was in Praise House/All Together Separate with was at the show the night before. Way cool.

Then when I left I went outside and there was my new friend Kelly waiting with her daughter and her daughter's best friend. We went to the aftershow together which was just Jon. I videoed the whole thing. It was a nice intimate setting by the fountain at Victory Park. Jon played guitar and sang some of his solo stuff and had Andy their media guy play with him for a few songs. I absolutely loved the version of the Lord's Prayer that was awesome! I got to talk to him when he was leaving and said I'd bring them Dublin Dr Pepper next time they were in town. He said they did a taste test of the Dublin and the other stuff and the Dublin was sooo much better. It supposedly is making its way on one of their podcasts. Sweet!

Okay I leave you with a pic. Once again my hair is a victim of the humidity.

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MissMegan85 said...

Sounds like you had a great time!