Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Led Foot Lucy

The title of today's post is the country song I want to write about speeding tickets because that is what I got today when I went to Cleburne for the first time ever. Which there is a story. Sooo I shall begin.

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from Hill College. They needed a psych instructor and I said sure I can do it. I got scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday during the day so I can be at Navarro MWF and at Hill College TTh. Yay! That gives me more experience and I get to see what two different community colleges are like. Plus I can get ahead somewhat and be adding to the laptop/road trip to Nashville for spring break/move to Nashville in 2010 once God opens a door account :) And it gives me continuous experience with college students which is what I like.

Today I decide to go ahead and head over to Cleburne to sign my new hire paperwork. I was getting frustrated because mapquest had gotten me lost. I pulled into a gas station off of business 67 and asked and they told me I was headed in the right direction. So I am going through downtown not exactly knowing the speed limit, thinking about how I'd like to get there in this lifetime and about feeding the dog I have been dog sitting. All of a sudden I hear a sound look in the rear view mirror and there are lights. Great I am getting pulled over. I am in the left lane so I pull into the left turn lane and then thought maybe this is bad I will pull into a parking space. So I did and it says: Reserved for County Clerk. I thought great could this get any better? So I roll down my window and get my insurance - which I need to find the newer insurance card. The cop asked me why I didn't pull over sooner - ummm cause I was not wanting to tie up traffic in downtown Cleburne. So I give him my license and insurance. He says the insurance is expired I said no I just paid it yesterday you can call them and verify if you want. He decides to add the insurance thing to the speeding I was doing - 44 in a 30 - and says it can get taken off if I go in and show proof. Otherwise the ticket is going to be $150. I gave him my I am a poor adjunct psychology instructor with $9 in the bank and I won't be getting paid from any of my colleges til the end of September story. Nope ticket still sticks. He did say I could do community service - it would be a day and a half. I asked him if I would get to wear a uniform like Rory on the Gilmore Girls did lol Nope just regular clothes while I sweep and mop the city lol So yeah welcome to Celburne have a nice day don't forget your ticket.

And I am soooo writing a country song called Led Foot Lucy. Megan you survived music theory - join me in this song writing venture. I will do the lyrics you do the music since me and music theory were not friends lol

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