Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Deliver Me

First off go out to your nearest Christian bookstore - not now since it is 6:13 in the morning TX time (yeah not CST but TX time since TX is probably the size of all the rest of the states is the CST zone so there ya go lol)and buy the new Selah cd You Deliver Me.

Well I got through day number 1 at both colleges. Both got off to interesting starts. Let's see first off I do believe everyone and their grandmother plus their dog is taking my 11:00 am General Psych class. I have never seen that many people packed into a room before. They kept coming out of the woodwork. And don't even get me started on the fact that they got new books for Human Lifespan Development and no one bothered to tell me. Ummm yeah not happy about that one. I am soooo not reading the book. I just read 18 chapters in less then 16 weeks back in the spring and did all the lecture notes. Yeah nope not this semester. Not going to happen. Then add to that that on Monday at 4:30 when I logged into News America Marketing I saw that I did not have 4 grocery stores to do ad maintenance on I had 9 plus 7 dollar type stores. 16. Grrr. I am thankful for the work, but seriously that is going to be a lot of driving. And the first week of the semester. Grrr. Well next week I can come home and kick it after work :) Then at Hill College I did not get a classroom with a computer and the internet and a projector hanging from the ceiling. Nada zilch zip. All my lectures are on my flash drives on powerpoint. Throw on top of that that none of my students have their textbooks - the bookstore ran out and told them last week the books would be in the middle of that week - yeah right I will believe it when I see it. I did have a Jesus moment in the middle of my 9:30 class. TV dvd vcr. I can put my powerpoints on dvd. I gave a shout out to Jesus in the middle of class :) Now I have to get the computer to cooperate. After I get my powerpoint on dvd I shall be hawking them for $99.99 lol Most of that is labor and mental pain lol

In my 1:00 class while we were doing my icebreaker (I said it's okay to lie God will understand on this one lol) one of my students said he was going to be a police officer. Well that got me to telling my speeding ticket story. What a way to bond with the class over the cops in Johnson County. Apparently the officer that gave me my ticket has given other people tickets. My students said go take care of it or they will come to your place of employment and arrest you - did that with a high school teacher. Although my students said if I didn't pay it it was only 2 days in jail - they kind of liked the idea of me landing in jail - no class for them. Ummm yeah I think not. Soooo I went down and made arrangements with the judge. So far have to pay $130.

But the nice thing about yesterday in addition to my Jesus moment - when I got home there was my brand new Selah cd - You Deliver Me. I love it and will be purchasing one for my sister. Everyone go out and buy it you will not be disappointed.

Okay thatis all. I have to scoot.

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