Saturday, August 29, 2009

Loving My Job

Today's post is not titled after a song. I just wanted to share some things that I have been thinking about. Although I am currently rockin' out to my new Selah cd :) Maybe I too will do a You Deliver Me giveaway when I get paid. Although I am giving two away as gifts to my sister and one of my former students.

I am up early on a Saturday, but hey at least I am home sitting in the recliner doing some paperwork stuff for News America Marketing (job #2 - well technically job #1 since I was employed there first before I got hired at Navarro College - but I will still call it job #2). Then add that the humidity sucks in the south. I love this part of the country and will love Nashville, but y'all can keep the humidity and the sweet tea thank you very much :) Yeah yeah go ahead and file those fling me out of Texas/the south papers Megan. Sweet tea is gross. I tried it before and I want to say - would you like a little sugar with your tea? And apparently one of the brothers from Zeta Beta at Howard Payne would make some deathly concoction involving tea and Dr Pepper syrup. Yet another turn off (I never tried the stuff - just heard about it lol)

So yesterday evening while I was doing job #2, I started thinking about how much I love jobs #1 and #3 - that would be Navarro College and Hill College. I am adjuncting at both campuses (and not speeding when I drive through Cleburne - seriously no more donations to the city of Cleburne by accident lol) and very much looking forward to the day when I have one full time job at one college in Nashville, TN in 2010 :) (or wherever God would lead - but I am praying - will see in time how He answers). But I love working with my students and I can't wait to see what opportunities that unfold for them. I mean they are truly in a time of their life when they are coming into their own and blossoming and it so rewarding to see that. I can't believe that God would allow me to be a part of this. Which keeps me praying for a full time position in student services - I don't mind teaching, but I would love to work one on one with them as they are going through the various hurdles that crop up - like oh having to work multiple jobs to get through (been there done that the semester before I got into the credential program - 4 jobs plus 14 or 15 units/credit hours. Of course 5 of them were marching band, band workshop, and a puppetry class lol).

I think about what it must have been like for the dad of one of my sorority sisters who has been teaching music at Belmont University since 1973 (I believe he just retired). Can you imagine what it has been like for him to have worked with some of the students he has had over the years. Like here is a great example - found out that Allan Hall had him for four classes. He is such a gifted musician. I can't even begin to think what it must have been like for my sorority sister's dad who saw that giftedness in him when he was in college and got to be a part of nurturing that. That is exciting to me and that is why I love doing what I am doing. I pray that God will be able to use me to make an impact on the students I work with.

I have already made a connection to one of my psych students. His undergrad major is psychology and he wants to end up as a neurologist. I am glad that God has allowed that to happen already. I have another student who is a music/business major and wants to do something with Christian music. I am going to get him in contact with the connection that I have. And Belmont hook me up with a commission because he might be headed your way after he is done at Navarro College :)

Maybe later I will add a video - thinking some Hee Haw again lol.

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sweet ice tea is big in nc too, for whatever reason.