Friday, August 14, 2009


Good morning bloggers. It is Friday August 14, 2009. I am not dead and the rapture has not occurred. God is not through with me yet! And hey 2 days until Switchfoot at the House of Blues in Dallas. Yay! They truly have become one of my favorite bands. They are just so pure in their music and extremely gifted. I saw that in Andrew back in college at little old California Baptist University. He had a gift and God was going to do things with him. Who knew? I also heard the Switchfoot concert in Lake Charles was awesome last night so that is getting me excited. It will be my second time to see them. I think no matter where I live I will always make a point to go see them when they are in town. And I am also excited because I can finally get the last signature on the poster. Yay! I think it is Jon that has not signed it - or it is Tim. Definitely one of the Foremans.

I am dog and cat sitting starting today. Yay for some extra money. Wow! God has been sooo good to me. I am going to be able to get the car insurance and the phone bill paid. See there is another answer to prayer right there - it was at the top of my prayer list. Yay! Now on to September. That is going to be challenging, but I will pray and see how God provides. See I am glad I am in this position because I am depending on God for every single aspect of my life. This is good - we need to depend on Him. He wants us to.

Okay I am leaving you with a fun Switchfoot video. Yay!

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