Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adventures In Psychology

Today is Wednesday yay! Two more days left and then I can sleep in a little :)

So yesterday was an "adventure" at Hill College. I get to my first class and they tell me that there is no internet. I panicked and then realized duh McFly I have my lecture notes on flash drive. I do not need to have access to the internet. But turns out we did have the internet but no projector from the ceiling that was working. So rather than just verbally lecture (we were starting the brain - I have cool pics), I decided to find some fun facts about the brain. But did it stop there? Nope not at all. I had to go and find songs about the brain lol Did it stop there? Nope I had to sing the songs and yep perform the rap that was on the page with the songs about the brain. And yep I was attempting to throw in some hip hop moves. I am going to have to tweak my act lol. One of my students thanked me for the entertaining class lol. Then in the afternoon the projector functioned because I have to check it out from the library everyday that I am there. But there was no internet. But we still had fun. Got into an interesting discussion about Little House on the Prairie and how Adam lost his sight and if you went around karate chopping people on the back of the neck would you go blind or die lol You know you want to take my psych class lol

Today's video is Ella Fitzgerald: Mack the Knife. I named my all black kitty (with a few white hairs on her underside) after Ella Fitzgerald. I always thought it would be cute to have an all black kitty that was a little girl and to name her after Ella Fitzgerald because I like music and I like jazz music.

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