Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Day At A Time

Today is Tuesday yay! I made it through Monday which was better than Sunday which was better than Saturday. I am just doing what God would have me do - live one day at a time and take things moment by moment and do what He puts in front of me. I think some of the struggles we go through inside of ourselves that only God knows about we bring on our selves. The flesh tries to rear its ugly head and we forget to fight it with the weapons God has given us. Why should we worry about tomorrow or next year? We have enough to do in the present moment. Soooo today's song is by Lynda Randle - One Day at a Time. I do believe it is a Gaither video :) Yep a product of my environment right here :)

I also have to say that on Sunday night while I was clearing out some stuff for job #1 via the computer that I was not going to watch the VMA's. I had it on My Fake Fiance (with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence - seen it before). But as I had Twitter going and two of the people I follow were watching it in Nashville I decided to go ahead and switch channels. Let me tell ya it is hilarious watching the VMA's with Matthew Turner doing commentary via twitter from time to time. It gave me some good fodder for my psych classes yesterday - although one person in one of my classes wanted to know how it related to psychology. Ummm hellooo people is it not obvious? But yeah that was funny.

I will jump back on the story behind my blog name bandwagon. I am starting to not mind all the driving I do. It gives me a chance to talk to God along the way and I not only need to talk to Him but I need Him to talk to me. My prayer is that He continue to mold me and shape me into the woman of God He would have me to be. If part of that means dealing with stupid stuff that crops up then fine by me. Get the garbage out and make me clean inside. It's not an easy thing, but I am glad He does it because I know in the end I am a different person - better and stronger for it.

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