Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yesterday I went out and got my other two stores done for job #1. Let me tell ya driving was interesting and I got soaking wet a couple of times. I can't believe how much rain we have been getting here in the lone star state. I have never seen it like this before. Seriously. It ought to be changed to the flood state. I am not driving 30 miles round trip to church this morning instead I am going to go to Fielder Road Baptist Church right here in Arlington. I bet Lindsay brought the weather lol. That's okay Lindsay it must run in the family lol In 2005 I went to Lake Charles, Louisiana on Mother's Day weekend and 3 months later they got hit with Hurricane Katrina and then Hurricane Rita a few weeks later. Then in June 2008 I went to Beaumont for an interview and in late August they got hit with Hurricane Gustav and then in September Hurricane Ike. I think I might be banned from the area lol

My boys in red lost to Wisconsin in overtime, but they did put up a good fight. And UCLA beat Tennessee so yay! That should make up for Western Kentucky's loss last week :) And LSU beat Vandy but I expected a bigger score on behalf of LSU. They must have sent the 3rd string in lol Or Vandy might be like Baylor and getting better. Hmmmm maybe not 0 just rack it up to LSU sending the 3rd string in lol

God is continuing to help me deal with some stuff and I am glad. For now all I want it to be is me and Him and not even worry about future stuff. And I refuse to get in a funk on my 8X5+1 birthday this year. It will be easy believe me. I called my cousin David on his birthday on Friday (yep September 11th. What is it with bad stuff happening on my cousins' birthdays because the OKC bombings happened on my cousin Sherie's birthday on April 19th). David was kind of having an interesting time. Said he's not where he wanted to be (we are the same age - he is just 5 weeks and 4 days older than me). So yeah prayers that I don't get in a funk on my birthday this year.

I leave you with this video from Jars of Clay. It fits Texas right now :)

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