Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go DOGS!!!

God is good and I know He is helping me to deal with some things inside of me that are only between Him and me. I know that He will bring me through and I will love Him even more and my trust in Him will deepen. I am so thankful for a God that continues to mold us and shape us into the godly men and women He would have us to be so that we can be a shining light in a dark world. When I look back at my life someday that is what I want to see and to be remembered for.

Today is another game day for Fresno State!! Yay!!! We are playing Wisconsin. I will have to dvr it (thank you Jesus for dvr on Time Warner cable) as I have to go finish my other two stores for job #1. I was going to do one store yesterday but all heck broke loose from the skies. So had to wait for things to clear up. In honor of Fresno State being on television today I leave you with this video. Enjoy and Go DOGS!! Beat the Badgers!!! Feed the band!!!

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