Friday, September 18, 2009

God Is Good All The Time God Is Good

Yay it's Friday! And God is soooo very good. He has been helping me make it through a challenging month one day at a time and one bill at a time. I was able to get my car insurance bill in the mail yesterday :) So now I am down to needing to get the phone bill paid, more gas (that is covered) and more food (that is covered). I may not be eating like a queen but that is okay - I have food and the kitties do too and so does Shells the turtle and Kelly, Brenda and Donna the gerbils. And I love how God brings encouragement to us and continues to mold and shape us. It makes me love Him more and trust Him more :) I don't know what all He is planned for my life but I am going to trust Him. I take comfort in Jeremiah 29:11 because God does know the plans that He has for me - little old me - and they are plans for my welfare and not for harm and they are plans to give me a future with hope :)

Okay so you get another treat today. Tonight Fresno State plays Boise State on television!!! Yay!!! (Mental note to self Fresno State/Boise State game is tonight not tomorrow tonight not tomorrow) and the game is at home. Yay!!! That means if you tune into ESPN at 8:00 CST you can catch my boys in red or perhaps white since it is white out night (have to find my white You Know You're A Marching Bulldog If shirt). So the treat you can sing along with :)

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