Saturday, September 19, 2009

Go Vols and Guns Up

Well Fresno State lost their game last night :( But on the positive side ESPN gave some shout outs. They told everyone to tune in to see a top 10 team being tested :) Yep if you are going to show up in the house of the DOGS you will get a run for your money :) Then they gave a shout out to the band - the show was in honor of the late Dan Brown (had been a coach on the Fresno State team). They showed a little of the band during the halftime show and the band looked smokin' in their brand new uniforms :) Yeah baby that's what I am talkin' about - everyone knows the best part of the game is the band :)

So today since my boys in red are not playing I have decided to jump on the Tennessee band wagon and the Texas Tech band wagon (I was on the Texas band wagon but since one of my fraternity brothers from Tech booed my decision and since I know more people from Tech I decided to switch sides). Sooo Go Vols and Guns Up :)

Here are some more treats for ya:

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