Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Need A Hug and Some Sympathy

Okay I don't like to do this but here I go. Stupid Texas weather change. My sinuses are starting to flair up and I have a headache and if you tapped on my sinus cavities they'd be hurting. I want a hug. And then add that I am frustrated about something and really could use God to come in and bring me some comfort and help me to fully trust Him in this situation. I need another hug. Oh and hardly anyone comments or checks out my blog. I mean I am glad for the three followers but I'd like some others - that would be nice.

Okay all done. This is your blog update. But seriously keep me in prayer on the whole sinus thing. I was sick back in January with the same thing and it about wiped me out. It takes a lot more out of you when you get older. Enjoy your 20's Lindsay and enjoy your 30's Megan - it's going to get interesting after that.

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