Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Story Behind the Great Faith Adventure Part 5

First off - I got my new phone. Figuring it out. At least I know how to turn it off and on and I know where to plug it in so I can charge it :) I seriously may need my own personal executive tech guy. God add that to the list for my future husband :)

So back to where I left off yesterday. I worked at the jail for a week before we went on a two week Christmas vacation. The whole vacation I was wanting to not return to the jail after vacation was over with. I even called my parents to discuss it. But alas, after vacation was over I returned. I learned you don't quit something God put in front of you.

After vacation was over and after I started getting into the swing of things I often found myself wondering why on earth God had me teaching at the jail. But as time went on it started to become clear - He had me there to plant the seeds of the gospel. There were so many opportunities to share my faith in Christ with the inmates. Let me tell you though it was not easy. There were so many times I wanted to quit. I had time in the morning to talk to my friend Dan online before I left for work and God used him in my life to give me the pep talk before work. And God taught me how to prepare each day for the battle that I would face. When you work in a jail and you are a born again Christian you better be armored up. So each day before I had to teach my first class I would sit in the car and pray and write out prayers and read my Bible and listen to KCBI. Then I would go in and teach the first class. On my break between classes back to the car I'd go to prepare myself for the next round. But I still had my days. I'd call my mom out on California and tell her I wanted to quit and she'd say someone has to face evil and I'd say why does it have to be me. Kind of like Jonah only not in a whale. God connected with me other believers while I was teaching there. I still remember this one substance abuse counselor that worked there - such a wonderful godly Christian woman. She encouraged me and prayed for me. Then there were some of the inmates that God had truly changed. One of my students led a prayer time in the "dorm" he was in each evening and they would pray for the workers and the other inmates. Then there was the chaplain. They had a church service after my last class and I know that there were times when he would come in and all he had to do was see the look on my face to know that it had been a rough one. And I still remember one time standing in my kitchen in my apartment and I could literally feel the prayers of the saints. What strength and peace and comfort that brought to me as I went about doing the toughest job I had ever done in my entire life.

Okay I am leaving off here. Ya gotta come back for more. I will leave you with a fun video. Switchfoot's Mess of Me off their new album Hello Hurricane coming out in November :)

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