Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Story Behind The Great Faith Adventure Part 4

Today is Tuesday! Yay! I guess lol It is back to work for me today - although I did take care of some merchandising jobs yesterday for job #1. I have officially numbered the jobs in the order of which I was employed by them. So job #1 is the ad change job with News America Marketing and which I have more hours and get a weekly check. Job #2 is Navarro College and job #3 is Hill College. So yeah this is an interesting semester - 3 jobs at once and I still don't get 40 hours a week and I still got no health insurance. But I am thankful for the three jobs and once January 2010 hits I start applying for full time jobs again :) In Nashville :)

So let me get back to the story behind the blog title - The Great Faith Adventure. I left off with the summer of 2002. God removed my boyfriend from my life because he and I had a relationship that was not pleasing to the Lord. It had led me down a bad path and it was time for God to intervene. Add to this that the one friend I had made in Texas during my first year - Joanne the teacher that taught at the same school that I did and lived right below me in our apartment complex - was moving back to Oklahoma to take care of her mom. So yep all of a sudden I was by myself. Just me, the cats, my Bible, and the Lord. Oh yeah and no job. But that is okay God had me right where He want me and the only place I could go was up. I reached out to God and let Him pull me up and deal with the sin that had been in my life. I let Him begin anew the work that had been started in me 22 years previously when I trusted Christ as my Savior on that last night of summer camp.

I remember during the summer of 2002 I had an interview for a teaching position at Dawson State Jail. I did not get the job and so while drawing unemployment (which they had overpaid me so they were deducting money each week) I started subbing for Ferris Independent School District. I did apply for other jobs and was hoping to get a full time position as a school counselor, but did not. I continued subbing until December when I got a call from Dawson State Jail. They still needed a teacher. Did I want to take the job? No not really? It was jail - what the heck did this elementary school teacher from California know about jail other than you avoid them at all costs? Did I have the luxury of turning down the job? Nope. So I accepted the job offer. First it was the only offer I had and second I have learned that you do whatever God puts in front of you and this is what God had put in front of me. So I started teaching at Dawson State Jail in December of 2002. I worked a week before we went on a two week Christmas vacation (and got a free ham to boot). That entire first week I was internally freaking out as I had never stepped foot in a jail and it was creepy and the very heart of evil.

Okay I am leaving off here. You have to come back tomorrow for more of the story :) Enjoy today's video :) I saw them in Irving on their farewell tour and rushed the stage :) I don't know where this is from as we did not have Greg X Volz at the concert in Irving, but they did do the farewell set :)

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