Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Christ Alone

I am home this morning yay! That is because I am all done dog/cat/house sitting. It's nice to have Fox and Friends on in the morning (no cable where I dog/cat/housesat). The kitties were glad to have me home that is for sure :) I promise I will continue with the story of how my blog got it's name. I just don't have a lot of time now and I have to finish getting ready at Monache Band pace.

I will leave you with this video. I got the song in my head yesterday. I really like it. It will bring encouragement to your heart today and you will get your praise on :) And it's an Avalon video even so if you happen to be someplace where Selah and Avalon are going to be within a 240 mile radius - ok heck if they are going to be in the same state as you even if you have to drive 10 hours to get there - go see them because they are touring this fall and you will not be disappointed (although I have yet to see Avalon and may make a 240 mile trip just to see them).

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