Thursday, September 3, 2009

Story Behind The Great Faith Adventure Part 3

So my apologies for not posting yesterday. This was me yesterday morning:

Ack! It's 6:55 am I have to teach at 8:00.

Now I live in Arlington and the college I teach at on MWF is in Waxahachie which is 36 miles away. Sooo I call the faculty support clerk to tell her of my situation and tell her I am hurrying as fast as I can but I have to do my hair other wise they will have to call cosmetology to come in and do my hair in the middle of class. Yeah in ack! I am lat situations the funniest things come to mind lol Although I still think it would be funny to have a team of hair stylists working on my hair while I am in the middle of lecturing. I got to Waxahachie by 8:25 and had missed my class by 5 minutes. Oh well. I told the 11:00 class my story and one of my students said - that's our psych instructor lol

Okay so back on track with the story for my blog title. I had moved out finally into my own place and my fur children were happy for that. As I proceeded through my first year in Texas I did not realize that I was slowly on a downward spiral. I hared my job and was glad to leave Dallas ISD in December of 2001. I picked up a job for the second half of the school year at a Muslim school in Garland, TX. That was very interesting. But the downward spiral was not so much with the job as it was in my walk with God. I was in a relationship with a guy that was definitely not pleasing to the Lord. I really wish I could go back and not have gone down that path in the first place. But I have learned over time that while we cannot change the past, God does forgive us and gives us a clean slate. So I am waiting and saving myself again for the wonderful godly Christian man God would bring into my life.

Now I have to say that there are no coincidences with God. When I was hired to teach for Dallas ISD I was hired to take the place of a teacher that they did not know if she would pass the ExCET exam or not. She passed it and I almost did not have a job, but there was another teacher who did not show up so I got that spot. Joanne the teacher who I was supposed to have her job has become a wonderful friend and is a great example of faith. She is a born again Christian and it was not a coincidence that God put her in my life. The place that I moved into in September of 2001 - that was in the apartment right above hers. God has used her in my life at a time when I have needed it the most.

Okay so back track again to headed on a downward spiral spiritually but could not see it. I not only had a relationship that was not pleasing to the Lord but yep church attendance slipped - I went but I know that things were not the same.

In May of 2002 when the school year ended I didn't get hired back which was good - it was a Muslim school. I think they wanted to make sure the teachers were all Muslim as well. So here I was at the end of my first year in Texas and no job. But God was not through yet. During the summer He moved in a mighty way to intervene and get me back on track with Him. He took my boyfriend out of my life - the relationship that was not pleasing to God. That was a shocker but I am glad it happened. God had to break me and get bring me down in order to build me back up and get me right with Him again. It was hard believe me. But I am glad. I reached out to Him and let Him pull me up so that He could begin again to mold me and shape me into the woman of God that He created me to be.

I am leaving you hanging here. But I will leave you with a fun video to make up for it :) Let's just say that I think that Buffy and Jody are going to need Matthew Turner's book What Your Parents Didn't Teach You About Sex :)

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