Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday's Episode of the Great Faith Adventure

On yesterday's episode of The Great Faith Adventure - I got a flat tire on the I-20 just before the exit for the 287. I made it past there pulled over and sat for a little bit in my car with the hazards on and prayed that someone would stop and not knowing how I was going to get the tire off and the spare on and wondering how the heck I could get the car to safety. No one stopped - not even the cop that went by me. So praying and crying a little out of what am I going to do I started slowly and made it to the off ramp of Bowman Springs. I got out hoping the guy jogging in the neighborhood would see me, but he didn't. So I got in the car and took the longest drive ever to the nearest neighborhood. I parked the car and went got out rang the doorbell at the first house on the brink of crying. No one answered so I tried another house. No one answered so I went to a third one. A guy in his twenties answered and he said he'd help me get the tire off and let me use the phone. Yay! I had been ready to cry at that point. So he started to work on my hard to get off tire. It was not coming off and I was praying to myself saying God you want me to depend on you for every single aspect of my life and here is a situation right here. I am depending on You to get the tire off. The guy still couldn't get it off so he went to get something. Then I tried. I kicked it a little then started working with it and it came off!!! Jesus helped me get my tire off!!! So the guy was able to get the spare on and I once again took the longest drive or so it seemed to my tire place on Cooper (Latino's Tires - you ever go there Megan? They are the only place I go to now). But yay for Jesus! (Hmmm new praise song idea lol - Megan music me lyrics lol).

I was thankful for an uneventful drive on the way home and a chocolate milkshake I did not need from Sonic.

I will tell more of the story behind my blog name later. But never fear you also get another fun video for your new one stop entertainment place :)

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