Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Come Thou Fount

So it is Wednesday yay! And I took some sinus medication and my sinus headache is starting to go bye bye. I had one when I went to bed last night and woke up at 12:40 am still in pain from it - mostly on the right side. So I finally bought some stuff and it is helping :)

Driving in I heard a song I love love love - Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. Several groups have done it - Jars of Clay (love their version) and discovered that the David Crowder Band has also done it. And Jadon Lavik. That is what I heard this morning. Found a cool video clip of him performing live at Spirit 105.3 Woo hoo!! I was getting my praise on. I truly believe that when stuff is going on inside that only you and God knows about that taking the time to sing and worship and praise His holy name helps you to begin to move past that. I think part of it to is I am saddened when there are people who are raised in the church and the seeds of truth have clearly been planted in them yet they choose to turn their back and live a life that throws all that away. It makes me want to cry out to God for them and to pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord that God will keep them steadfast in the faith and strengthen and protect them from the evil one. And part of the lyrics to Come Thou Fount is so appropriate for what I cry out to God about it. We are prone to wander (stupid flesh) but you know I am so very thankful for the work of God because He is strong in our weaknesses and will be faithful to keep His hand of mercy and grace and protection on our lives and is always always there for us and all we have to do is cry out to Him.

I love that God is not finished with me yet, but there are times when I long for that day that we no longer have a sin filled world. And while God still has me here I pray for Him to surround me with other Christians where we can hold each other accountable, lift each other up in prayer and encourage one another in our walk with the Lord. I also pray for God to bring into my life a wonderful godly Christian man who will be my best friend and who will be the spiritual head of my household and who will challenge me (in a good way) in my walk with the Lord and who will encourage me and who I can enjoy talking with about all of this.

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Anonymous said...

10/28/09 For me having Jadon Lavik in my car CD turns travel time into a worship time. Have you heard his new album “The Road?” Really appropriate when I’m driving around from job site to job site.