Thursday, October 29, 2009

God Is In Control

You know sometimes I find myself worrying over the stupidest stuff which in turn gets my focus off of God and what He is doing in my life. Can I get a witness? I know I am not the only one. But today listening to God Is In Control by Avalon (they are on tour with Selah who happens to have my all time favorite piano player ever as part of the group - yep Allan you are my favorite piano player. I only live once down here on this earth, might as well get it out there lol). Anyway Avalon is currently in New York with Selah for the next four days.

Okay so back to what I was saying, listening to God Is In Control by Avalon reminds me that God is in control of it all. We will never be shaken we do not need to worry. He is bigger than whatever may come into our lives. Just keep on daily surrendering to the Lord and let Him continue to mold and shape you into the woman or man of God He would have you be. I know God is in the process of doing that in my life and I can't wait to see how I am different in a year or two years or however long He may choose to keep me around. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me next. I know He has put things into my heart to pray for (like my future husband - I may be the big 4-1 but I have not given up and if it is in God's will He will bring the best most awesome guy ever into my life and will do a better job than I ever could) and then working with college students. How I absolutely love it and can't wait to see what doors get opened next.

Okay here ya go. Be blessed and encouraged with this video :)

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