Friday, October 30, 2009


So tonight's video is Tonight by Jeremy Camp. I love me some Jeremy Camp - I have a few of his cd's. Need to get some more :) I have also seen him in concert once - I won tickets. My friend Allison says I have the spiritual gift of winning lol Totally not kidding I went into Lifeway in Arlington while Allison went to by shoes next door at DSW. KLTY was there and I entered there drawing and within 5 minutes they were calling my name :) Not the first time I have won stuff :) It was a great concert - Hawk Nelson opened for him.

Well another week at both colleges has come to an end. Yay! I did have a slight freak out on the way home - there are only 4 Friday's left for my Friday class before we have our final. I need to start speed lecturing which is what I did today. I have been enjoying my classes this semester. My students are fun and Hill College has turned out to be a blast. Especially the afternoon class. Wow! What a big turn around that has become and one of my students said she enjoys the class - it's a nice stress relief. It's funny my classes tend to be that way - stress relief for people. I am glad because that's how I want it to be in addition to being educational. And we always have interesting discussions.

So I have been doing some debating about job number 1 - it is the ad change job. I was kind of frustrated a little today because I wanted to get started on stuff, but my stores have not shown up yet. So I have no idea what ads to pull and what goes in and what comes out and what stays. But I have decided to take a somewhat screw it attitude - I know not very nice way to put it. I am not going to push myself to get things done asap. So if only one store shows up tomorrow then that will be the store I do. I need to spend some quality time with some papers that have to be graded. I also want to declare Saturday (hopefully I can do it) no technology day (except for the tv). I think I will have more energy tomorrow - have more now. Part of that has to do with the fact that my sinuses are not bothering me as bad as they have been. That really takes a lot out of you. Last Saturday I was laying around in my jammies for most of the day. Thanks 4th decade. I have noticed that when I was sick back in January with whatever I had - I came down with a fever all of a sudden in class one morning and was running a temp for a couple of days along with what I think may have been a sinus infection (would not officially know as I have no health insurance - Jesus is literally my great physician). It about wiped me out. My mom said that happens to you in your 4th decade. Thanks mom for the advanced warning. So all you people that drop in to read my blog - have fun when you hit 40 :) You're gonna love it :)

Okay now for your viewing pleasure while I go see if Jesus is also my great plumber (kitchen sink issues yet again).

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