Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)

Today was awesome!!! First off I decided to go ahead and visit Fielder Road Baptist Church in Arlington again and during church made out my prayer list. On the prayer list was what to do about the church membership thing. I knew it was time to leave First Baptist Dallas this year, but thought I should find a church that had Awana and a traditional service. I had settled on Hill Crest Baptist Church in Cedar Hill - about 15 miles one way. And then I just was knowing I had probably jumped the gun aqnd should have waited a bit longer. So I went to the hospitality room at Fielder Road today after the 11:00 service and introduced myself to the pastor and told him I was considering transferring my membership and was going to do it 3 years ago, but it was not the right time. Well I talked with a lady and I had been asking God about this inside my heart and the lady prayed and I took a step of faith and said transfer me. I probably should have done it a lot sooner, but you know how one can be. With all the driving I have been doing for work and with gas prices and well just with wanting something different and wanting to step outside the box, I believe this to be the place to be. And it will be nice to be involved locally and not have to get up so early and be able to get home sooner. And I am going to go visit the college group because I want to get involved working with them at the church. So next Sunday morning at 9:30 I will be in college Sunday School and at 11:00 I will be in the contemporary service and I will be loving every minute of it. I do like the preaching and it is easy to follow and it is just a great place with a great heart for Arlington. So yay!! Guess I should tell the two people that go there that I know that I am a fellow church member for real and for good this time (til God moves me someplace else).

I also had another partial answer to prayer - may need to clean to get the rest of it. I got home from Kroger (convenient that it is en route back home from church) and my next door neighbor came up to me to give me the paycheck I had lost yesterday. I guess I had dropped it and it flew down by another neighbor's mailbox. I said thank you Jesus that is an answer to prayer. Told her I had been praying about it. My other misplaced check is somewhere in the duplex. I still blame Ella - I think she has been tipping the cat nip if ya know what I mean. May explain her hyperness lol

And then to top it off when I got back from church my neighbors on the other half of the duplex from me invited me to their daughter's birthday party at the park. It was awesome!! I brought my balloons and balloon pumps. That made for some great entertainment :) And my neighbor's are just plain awesome!! I didn't know how it was going to be when they moved in over a year ago, but God knows what He is doing :) They are born again Christians and Jessica is has the sweetest spirit. And this was a fun kids party - they are laid back like me. I like that :)

The video of the day is a Kenny Loggins video. I like me some Kenny Loggins. Makes me want to 80's up the place lol. Not really, but it does take me back to a simpler time. And I love his music anyway. I have one cd of his - need me some more. And hey this is from one of my all time favorite movies of the 80's - Footloose. Future hubby whoever you may be if you happen to drop by my blog and read this post, I want to do the Footloose dance at our wedding reception for our first dance :)

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