Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kelly Inspired Me

If you look through my blog you can see all sorts of takin' it all the way back in the day :) I decided I will do this on a regular basis. Soooo tonight (since I am procrastinating cleaning the disaster that is the flood under the sink in my kitchen) I am posting a flashback video from the 1980's because everyone that is cool knows that 80's music rocks - let's hear it for the class of 1986!!!

Here ya go because I am a percussionist and he is a drummer. I present to you Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey - Easy Lover.

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MissMegan85 said...

You know what else is from the 80's? GROWING PAINS - I have some Kirk Cameron posters somewhere.. but from what I read in his book, he doesn't like to focus on that period of his life other than to be able to look to say "this is what my life was before Christ".