Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still My God

Today's blog title is from the song Still My God by Avalon. I love Avalon and finally got to see them in Oklahoma City on Friday night :) Yay!! I want to see them again. They are super nice. I think the thing that sticks out to me is no matter what happens in our lives God is still our God. I am including a video below my post.

I am sitting in the library avoiding the stack of papers I need to grade. That is okay on Saturday when I do not have to leave the house (technically duplex lol) I will be having gradefest 2009 followed by mow the lawn fest 2009. But that is okay - I am glad I have a lawn and a lawn mower to mow the lawn with. Sprinkle some games in there whilst I am donning my Bulldog Red and what a fun relaxing Saturday :)

While I am sitting here typing up my blog I am listening to Avalon - Still My God. I love that song!!I even found a video - thanks youtube :) I do believe I will be making an investment in the cd with the song on it :)

So married people rock!! They really know how to take care of their single never married no children friends that have to go to the laundry mat to get their laundry done. She is married - her husband comes home once a month because he works for Southwest Airlines and is stationed in Baltimore. She has a five year old daughter and a 5 week old baby. Well she is going to let me come once a week to do my laundry and I even get dinner out of it :) I have offered to help her fold her laundry - which I did sort some into piles. She said she is there 90% of the time by herself and loves the adult conversation. So woo hoo!! Plus she is one of my friends from Cal Baptist - feel like she is family. I made all these friends my first semester that were like my little brothers and sisters. So yay for great company once a week :)

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